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Meritalo’s products have the taste of Finnish nature. The tasty delicacies are made from high-quality ingredients directly from Finnish nature. Because of the Finnish main ingredients, the products are entitled to use the Puhtaasti Kotimainen and the Hyvää Suomesta
(produced in Finland) labels.

What our customers say

Rönnvik Winery

“Rönnvik is a Finnish winery located in the village of Laitikkala. In 2021, we launched Rönnvik’s own lemonades. The bottling was done by Meritalo. The cooperation with Meritalo and Lepola has been smooth and straightforward. Thanks to the bottling service, we have been able to offer also non-alcoholic drinks under our own label for our guests. Rönnvik’s lemonades are bubbly and fresh drinks made from Finnish juice. No concentrate is used in the lemonade.”

Eila Rönni
Rönnvik Winery

Söderlångvik Manor

“We have been cooperating with Meritalo for about 20 years. Our cooperation started with apple sales when Meritalo started making apple jam. As the collaboration progressed, Meritalo began squeezing freshly squeezed apple juice from our own apples and packing it for us. We have expanded the product family of apple products to include apple juice in a 375ml bottle and apple jam in a 400g jar under our own brand. Cooperation with Meritalo has worked well and mutual trust is important to us in our operations. ”

Karin Arfman
Söderlångvik Gård

Masis Brewery

“Masis Brewery is a small brewery in Espoo, whose diverse product range includes Gin-flavored beer Zinzö Zein. There was talk with Meritalo about juicing ginger. Adding ginger as a juice to the beer was really effortless, and the brewery saved a lot of time and effort when there was no need to chop the ginger by hand. ”

Laura Kanninen
Masis Brewery Oy


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