Gourmet delights from finnish origin.

Susanna and Olavi Lindstedt founded Meritalo in 1995. The company brought them to the scenery of Southwest Finland, from Helsinki. The premises were renovated suitable for jam and juice making. The company’s main products are jams and juices but also the jellies, berry powders and business gifts are part of the product family. Real taste of Finnish nature and high quality are characteristics for all Meritalo products. They are arisen by the combination of high-level expertise and premium, high quality ingredients. Other leading values for Meritalo are purity and being 100 % Finnish.

Delicious and premium products from quality Finnish ingredients.

Meritalo’s business idea is to prepare tasty and good quality products of high quality 100% Finnish ingredients that are purchased from Finnish farmers or contracted suppliers.  Jam and juice making follows the old traditions.  The juices are cold-pressed to save the vitamins of the berries. All the Meritalo juices are preservative free and there are also sugar free options. The products are entitled to use the “Purely Finnish” -label which means they are made of 100 % Finnish ingredients.

Fast freezing

The quality of the berries is maintained by freezing them in airtight packages soon after picking.


The jam is pasteurised in the making process but not boiled so that the vitamins are not destroyed. The taste is like home-made – rich in berries and aromatic.


Hot steam is used in packing and capping the products what ensures good hygiene and long shelf life.